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Educational Cooking Classes

Get to know your way around the kitchen with our cooking classes. The Kitchenette at Price Hardware in Atlanta, Texas, offers classes for everyone, from children to experienced cooks.

Burner - Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

No matter your age or experience level, we can teach you something new. Our cooking classes are designed to be entertaining and educational.

Our cooking classes are roughly two to two-and-a-half hours in length, with summer cooking camps offered for kids. We bring in celebrity and cookbook chefs, and we have even flown in famous chefs to hold these classes. Currently, we are enlarging our classroom area so we can hold larger classes. We are planning on holding classes once per month.


Basic Learning

We offer knife classes that instruct you on how to properly use a knife. These knives are sold to you so you can use the same knife at home! We also offer canning and jelly classes during the canning season for those who wish to efficiently store their homemade goods.


Contact us to gain helpful insight into the world of food with help from our cooking classes.

Upcoming Cooking Classes